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A collection of group names suitable for couples or families. For other options, click on the button below the list.

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One of the most fun parts about playing team games or sports is coming up with your name. These can be silly or serious, but they always give the team a unique identity. If you’re a couple, family, or even a group of friends in need of a good team name, we highly recommend using our Couple Team Name Generator!

This system pulls from a collection of thousands of team names that involve two words: an adjective and a noun. All you need to do is use the tool and find a team name that works best for you. This service doesn’t cost anything, and there’s no software to download. Just have fun!

Using the Couple Team Name Generator

Using this service couldn’t be simpler. In fact, there is already a solid list of 24 team names on this page. If you like, you can pick one of those, copy it by hitting the COPY button, and then paste it wherever.

However, some people might not be happy with the auto-generated names. That’s OK! We have literally thousands more to show you. Tap the GENERATE MORE button to refresh the list. Now, you’ll see two dozen more names.

If you spot one you like, be sure to mark it as a favorite by hitting the HEART button next to the name. This saves that name to a running list you can access later. Keep hitting GENERATE MORE and favoriting names as much as you need.

When you’re ready, hit the SAVED button at the top of the page. If you’re using a smartphone, the SAVED button is the heart icon next to the menu icon. Tap that, and you’ll see your list. You can grab that list by hitting DOWNLOAD.

Ready to find a new couple team name? Hit the DELETE ALL button to purge your list and start over again!