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Harness AI to summon the mystical allure of the Middle East with our Genie Name Generator, designed to create names as magical as the genies themselves.


Demon Names

Fascinating and spine-chilling names.


Angel Names

Names of celestial grace and divine beauty.


Alien Names

Unique names inspired by imagined cosmic lore.


Wizard Names

Exciting and unique names for magical personas.

Creating a genie character endowed with mystical powers? Our Genie Name Generator offers names as mystical and powerful as the genies themselves.

Instant Mode presents a collection of genie names steeped in mystique and magic available immediately upon entering the page. For more exotic names, click 'Generate More'. Use 'Select Best with AI' to find the most fitting and captivating names for your genie.

In Smart Mode, fine-tune your name choices by setting the 'Name format', choosing the 'Gender', and entering 'Keywords' that resonate with the genie’s magical abilities, such as 'wish', 'lamp', or 'eternal'. Adding a 'Description' helps tailor the names to the unique characteristics of your genie.

After setting your preferences, click 'Generate with AI' to receive names that are imbued with the enchantment and grandeur typical of genie lore.

Once you find a name that truly reflects your genie’s essence, use the COPY button to integrate it into your project. If a name strikes a deep chord, press the HEART button to save it to your favorites. You can manage these through the 'Saved' button, download them with the 'Download' button, or reset your choices with the 'Delete All' button.

Whether your genie emerges from an ancient lamp or resides in a mystical realm, the Genie Name Generator provides names that enhance the magic and mystery of these legendary beings.