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Coming up with a good name for a character you’re creating can be tough. You want the name to be realistic but not reference anyone you know or anyone who’s famous. You also might want the name to fit with the character’s origin. Using our free Full Name Generator, you can make this process much easier!

This free browser-based tool is perfect for the budding novelist or screenwriter. Just make your selections and generate thousands of different names!

Using this Full Name Generator is easy!

Before you start browsing through names, you’ll want to make things less overwhelming by selecting some filters. In the gender drop-down menu, you’ll want to select the gender of the character. You can choose MALE, FEMALE, or ANY GENDER to see all genders.

With the gender selected, you should now pick an origin. Is your character English? Arabic? French? Pick an origin that works for the character from any of the choices available.

Once you’ve made your selections, hit the GENERATE button. Now, the list of names should only show options that fit your choices.

If the first 24 names you see don’t work for you, hit the GENERATE MORE button. This creates more names while still keeping your filter selections active.

As you browse through the names, you should mark some as favorites. Hit the HEART button next to any of the names. When you do, that name will get saved to a running list. You can generate more names, add/remove filters, etc., and your list will stay active.

When you’re ready, hit the SAVED button at the top of the page (mobile users should tap the heart icon next to the menu bars). Here, you can see your list, download it, or delete everything and start over again.