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Use our tool to easily create distinctive names for cities that can enhance your novels, games, or any project requiring a setting.


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Looking to name a city for your story, game, or simulation? Our City Name Generator offers names that reflect the unique characteristics and settings of urban environments, from bustling metropolises to quaint small towns.

Instant Mode provides a selection of city names ready for immediate use. Simply input a keyword that captures the essence of your city and click 'Generate' to see a list of generated names. For more refined options, use the 'Select Best with AI' feature to highlight the names that best fit your city's vibe and theme.

Switch to Smart Mode for a tailored naming experience. Here, you can define the 'Size or Significance' of the city by selecting options like 'small town', 'metropolis', or 'capital city' from a dropdown menu. Also, choose the 'Terrain Type' that describes the landscape surrounding your city, such as 'coastal', 'mountainous', or 'plains'. Input 'Keywords' that relate to your city’s cultural, historical, or architectural attributes and provide a 'Description' to guide the AI in generating names that match your detailed criteria.

Once you've configured your settings, click 'Generate with AI' to receive a curated list of names. This process leverages advanced neural networks to ensure the names are not only unique but also fitting for the type and character of the city you envision.

After generating names, you can use the COPY button to easily transfer your chosen name to another application. If you find a name you particularly like, hit the HEART button to save it to your favorites. View all saved names by clicking the 'Saved' button, download your list as a text file with the 'Download' button, or start over by hitting the 'Delete All' button.

Whether you’re creating a fictional city for a novel, designing a setting for a role-playing game, or conceptualizing urban layouts for educational purposes, the City Name Generator provides a diverse array of names that bring your urban landscapes to life.