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Discover a fitting name for your city with our service. Simply input a keyword, click the generate button, and voila! Your new city name is ready.

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Are you a creative person who likes to write? Maybe you’re writing books or screenplays, or maybe you’re developing a new video game. Whatever your medium, you’re going to likely need a setting for your characters. If you want that setting to be fictional, what are you going to name it? Stumped? You need our City Name Generator!

This 100% free tool is easy to use, royalty-free, and requires no attribution. It works by examining real city names and then creating real-sounding fictional cities by the thousands. Use any one of these in your world-building!

City Name Generator: How it works

We don’t want to waste your time: when you loaded this page, our system automatically created two dozen fictional city names for you. If you’re inspired by any of these, feel free to copy it down and then paste it into your draft.

However, if you don’t like any of the first batch, there are plenty more. Tap the GENERATE MORE button to see a new set of 24 fictional city names. Just keep generating more until you find one you like.

Conversely, you can incorporate a keyword into the generation. This might be helpful if you want the city name to relate to a known term. Enter a term into the text box (fewer than 10 characters and with no spaces or punctuation, please), and then tap GENERATE. Now, the next 24 names our system produces will use that term.

As you browse, you can favorite a name by hitting the HEART button next to it. You can keep generating more names and not worry about losing your saved items.

When you’re ready to move on, hit the SAVED button at the top of the page. You can then hit DOWNLOAD to grab a text file that includes all your generated city names.

Working on a different world now? Hit the DELETE ALL button under the SAVED menu and start the process again!