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Looking for the perfect name for your fictional character? Our specialized category of fiction name generators is your answer. Gift your characters the names they deserve!


Demon Names

Fascinating and spine-chilling names.


Angel Names

Names of celestial grace and divine beauty.


Alien Names

Unique names inspired by imagined cosmic lore.


Wizard Names

Exciting and unique names for magical personas.


God Names

Divine and powerful names for your mythical pantheon.


Cyberpunk Names

Sleek, edgy names for your futuristic characters.


Elf Names

Elegant and magical names for your magical world.


Fairy Names

Whimsical and airy names for charming creatures.


Warrior Cat Names

Imaginative names for feline characters.


Dragon Names

Fiery names for powerful winged serpents.


Villain Names

Sinister and memorable names for formidable antagonists.


Warrior Names

Bold and powerful names suitable for any character in battle.


Wolf Names

Fierce and majestic names for your wild characters.


Superhero Names

Dynamic and heroic names for your champions.


Pirate Names

Daring aliases perfect for any seafaring adventure.


Dragonborn Names

Names imbued with mythical power and ancient heritage.


Vampire Names

Mysterious names ideal for nocturnal characters.


Druid Names

Mystical and earthy names, rooted in ancient wisdom.


Knight Names

Noble and valiant names fit for heroes.


Imp Names

Cunning and whimsical names, perfect for any mischievous creature.


Bard Names

Lyrical and memorable bard names for your characters.


Monster Names

Terrifying and bizarre names for all kinds of creatures.


Star War Names

Generate names fit for a galaxy of adventures with our AI-driven tool.


Robot Names

Futuristic and innovative names for high-tech creations.


Centaur Names

Names that echo the grace and prowess of mythical creatures.


Tiefling Names

Captivating names ideal for any fantasy role.


Werewolf Names

Unique, mythical names for your moon-bound beasts.


Halfling Names

Cozy and charming names for quaint characters.


Merfolk Names

Mystic names inspired by the deep sea.


Kobold Names

Cunning and quirky names ideal for fantasy realms.


Unicorn Names

Mystical names for mythical creatures.


Genie Names

Mystical and enchanting names steeped in ancient magic.


Viking Names

Strong names resonating with the spirit of Norse warriors.


Zombie Names

Original and inventive names for your undead characters.


Orc Names

Intriguing and fearsome names ready for battle.


Gnome Names

Unique, earthy names perfect for whimsical gnomes.


Goblin Names

Names brimming with goblin mischief and charm.


Barbarian Names

Forge powerful names fit for battle and legend.


Giant Names

Mighty and impressive names for towering creations.


Ogre Names

Hearty and powerful names ideal for this kind of characters.


Yeti Names

Elusive and fantastical names for snowbound characters.

In the realm of fiction, where creativity knows no bounds, the names we assign to characters are crucial. Whether they are adventurers from ancient lands, cunning spies, or citizens of dystopian societies, their names add depth and personality. If you’re looking for a distinctive name for your fictional character, our Fiction Name Generators are the perfect resource!

How Fiction Name Generators Work

Our collection of fiction name generators offers a vast array of online tools that cater to every genre of fiction. Each generator is designed to inspire and provide endless creative name options for your characters. Whether you're a novelist, a screenwriter, or a tabletop gamer, these tools are designed to spark your imagination.

Here are just a few examples of the types of generators you can find:

Alien Name Generator: Ideal for crafting names for characters from other worlds, this tool is perfect for sci-fi stories.

Fairy Name Generator: Create names that echo the ethereal and magical qualities of fairies, enhancing your fantasy narratives.

Unicorn Name Generator: Develop names that reflect the purity and grace of unicorns, suitable for fantasy adventures.

These examples illustrate the range and diversity of our fiction name generators. Whether you're developing a story set in a futuristic city, an enchanted forest, or a haunted mansion, our generators are ready to help you name your world.

Using the generators is simple: navigate to your desired generator, click the 'Generate' button, and a list of names will appear. You can save your favorites with the 'Heart' button or use the 'Copy' button to paste names directly into your manuscript or game. Access to our generators is unlimited and free, so you can return as often as you need.

Safety and Privacy

We take the safety and privacy of our users seriously. All our tools are browser-based, which means no downloads and no requests for sensitive personal information. We also routinely clear visitor data from our servers, ensuring that no personal data is stored. You can use our generators with confidence, knowing your privacy is protected.

The possibilities in fiction are limitless, and so are the options available with our Fiction Name Generators. Let your imagination run wild and your characters stand out with our comprehensive toolset!