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The Ship Name Generator gives a creative spin to names of couples, duo characters, or close friends. Enter two names and get your unique ship name!

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What’s a Ship Name? This is when you mix the first names of two people to reference both of them with one name. The most famous example of this is probably “Brangelina,” the ship name for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Tabloids used this to refer to them all the time. You probably aren’t as famous as “Brangelina” were in their heyday, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your own name for you and your partner. Use our Ship Name Generator for help with this!

This generator can use two first names to create a new, singular name. You can use it for yourself, relatives, friends, or even other famous couples. It’s totally free and works in your browser, so there’s no need to download anything. Try it out!

Using the free Ship Name Generator

Before we can get started making your ship name, you’ll need to give us the two first names you’d like to combine. Once again, this could be any two people you like. Just make sure each name doesn’t have any spaces or punctuation.

Generally, names that have lots of letters fare better than names with only a few. However, our system should be able to produce at least one ship name from any two names — you’ll just have more options to work with when the names are longer.

With your two first names entered, hit the GENERATE button. In just under a second, you’ll see a list of ship names produced. Keep in mind that only the first 24 options will appear. If more were produced than that, you’ll need to use the NEXT button to see the rest of them.

As you peruse the list, you should save any of the names that seem good. You can do this by tapping the HEART icon next to any of those ship names.

When you’ve gone through the whole list, hit the SAVED button at the top of the page. If you’re on a mobile phone, the button is a heart-shaped icon right next to the three-line menu icon. In this area, you’ll see all your saved names. You can hit the DOWNLOAD button to save a text file of this list or hit the DELETE ALL button to start over again.