Struggling with naming? No worries! Our name generator is your easy button, delivering more names than there are stars in the sky (well, almost). Get ready for inspiration in just a few clicks!

First Names

Unlock cultural and gender-specific names with our intuitive tool.

Full Names

Generate a credible full name based on origin with this handy tool.

Last Names

Uncover unique surnames and their origins with our generator.

24 tools

Fantasy Names

Dedicated section for generating fantasy creature names.

Ship Names

Curious about your ship name? Generate it instantly with us!

Clan Names

Discover unique clan names with a user-friendly generator.


Come up with unique, creative usernames easily with our tool.

Baby Names

A comprehensive list of baby names by gender, origin, and meaning.

Business Names

Generate creative and professional business names effortlessly.

Fictional Names

Algorithmically generate unique, fictional names to enhance originality.

Player Names

Creative and remarkable player names effortlessly.

Nickname Finder

Explore fun diminutives corresponding to your name.

Brand Names

The tool creates brand names based on the keyword entered.

Band Names

Find the perfect name for your band. Just enter a keyword, and voila!

11 tools

Animal Names

Offering distinct animal name generators for your needs.

4 tools

Place Names

Create unique names for imaginary places.

Team Names

Can’t think of a team name? Trust our generator!

Duo Team Names

Discover perfect names for your duo with our tool.

Twin Names

Find the perfect matching names for twins with our generator.

Blog Names

Generate unique and catchy blog names with our tool.

Name Generator

Everyone and everything has a name. But did you know you can do a lot of fun things with names? If not, you’ve landed in the right place, as you are now visiting Name Generator! This page hosts various free browser-based tools to get the creative juices flowing and turn a name into something else entirely or create new names for things you would never have thought of before.

Using Name Generator

Each of the tools here works a bit differently. However, they all have something to do with names — and they are all free to use as much as you like!

For example, Nickname Finder creates dozens or even hundreds of nicknames based on the letters and sounds of your full name. Meanwhile, the Fictional Names tool uses an algorithm to create thousands of non-existent names, perfect for that fantasy novel or sci-fi screenplay you’re writing. Interested in finding popular first names from your country of origin? Our First Name Generator will list out thousands of names and let you know from where they came.

There are so many neat tools on this page. Be sure to browse around!

Tips for working with Name Generator

Every tool here will allow you to save names you like by hitting the HEART button. This will save your selections as a list you can then download and save.

At the top of every tool’s page, you’ll see a SAVED button. If you’re on mobile, it’s the heart icon next to the menu bars. Tap that, and you’ll see a list of all the names you’ve saved across all the Name Generator tools. You can hit the DOWNLOAD button to save these lists for later. However, you can feel free to jump between tools or even leave the page if necessary. Your list will be there when you get back, assuming you don’t delete your browser’s cache/cookies.

Are Name Generator tools safe?

Your safety is our number one priority. All our tools are browser-based, so you don’t need to download anything. Additionally, all the tools are 100% free, so there’s no need to give us sensitive information like credit card numbers or addresses. Finally, our servers routinely purge visitor information (such as the names you enter into forms), so none of your data is ever stored. You can rest assured that your time here is safe, so feel free to stay a while!