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Star War Name Generator

Use our AI-powered Star War Name Generator to create unique and fitting names for characters spanning various roles and species within a galactic setting.


Demon Names

Fascinating and spine-chilling names.


Angel Names

Names of celestial grace and divine beauty.


Alien Names

Unique names inspired by imagined cosmic lore.


Wizard Names

Exciting and unique names for magical personas.

Creating a name for a character in a sprawling galactic saga involves reflecting their nature, heritage, and role within a vast universe. Our Star War Name Generator combines advanced AI with a deep understanding of galactic lore to generate names suitable for a wide array of character types and species.

How to Use the Star War Name Generator

Begin by selecting the character’s gender (Unisex, Male, Female) and character type (e.g., Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, Droid). Next, choose from a list of species such as Human, Twi'lek, or Wookiee to further refine the character context.

You can also enter keywords that capture other unique traits or elements you want the name to reflect, enhancing the specificity and relevance of the generated names.

Click the 'Generate' button after entering your choices and keywords. The AI will process this information to create a list of names that fit the character’s defined attributes.

Peruse the suggested names. If you find one that aligns perfectly with your character’s persona, use the 'Copy' button to save it or click the 'Heart' button to store it in your 'Saved' list.

Whether you are scripting a tale of interstellar conflict or creating characters for a tabletop game set in a distant universe, our Star War Name Generator is your tool for finding names that inspire stories of heroism, intrigue, and adventure.