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Dive into a collection of otherworldly names that add depth and intrigue to your fantasy RPG characters.


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Creating a tiefling character known for their fiendish heritage and complex nature? Our Tiefling Name Generator provides names that capture the mystical and often misunderstood essence of tieflings.

Instant Mode offers a selection of generated tiefling names ready for immediate use. For more enigmatic or fitting names, click 'Generate More' and use the 'Select Best with AI' feature to find names that reflect the unique dichotomy of tiefling identities.

Switch to Smart Mode to refine your search. Input 'Keywords' that describe your tiefling's traits or background, such as 'cunning', 'charming', or 'tormented'. Adding a 'Description' can help the AI generate names that align closely with your character's storyline or magical abilities.

After setting your preferences, click 'Generate with AI' to receive a list of names that embody the allure and complexity of tieflings.

Once you find the ideal name, use the COPY button to integrate it into your narrative or game. If a name perfectly captures the essence of your tiefling, press the HEART button to save it to your favorites. You can manage these through the 'Saved' button, download them with the 'Download' button, or clear your selections with the 'Delete All' button to start anew.

Whether your tiefling is a hero, a rogue, or a powerful sorcerer, the Tiefling Name Generator provides a range of names that enhance their otherworldly and enigmatic presence.