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Need a name for a majestic unicorn in your fantasy world? Our Unicorn Name Generator offers names as magical and pure as the unicorns themselves.

Instant Mode presents a variety of generated unicorn names that are imbued with the grace and mystique of these mythical creatures. Explore more magical options by clicking 'Generate More' and using the 'Select Best with AI' feature to discover the names that best capture the essence of purity and wonder.

In Smart Mode, customize your naming by entering 'Keywords' that reflect the unicorn’s divine or ethereal qualities, such as 'radiant', 'noble', or 'gentle'. Including a 'Description' will guide the AI to produce names that align with the unicorn's mythological attributes.

After you've customized your settings, press 'Generate with AI' to receive a list of names that resonate with the celestial and serene nature of unicorns.

Once you find the perfect name, use the COPY button for easy integration into your fairy tale or fantasy setting. If a name truly reflects your unicorn's spirit, press the HEART button to save it to your favorites. Manage these favorites through the 'Saved' button, download them with the 'Download' button, or clear the list with the 'Delete All' button for new inspirations.

Whether your unicorn guards enchanted forests, serves as a royal companion, or roams mystical lands, the Unicorn Name Generator provides names that enrich their magical and untainted narrative.