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Have you ever had a nickname? Maybe you haven’t, and you would like one. Or, maybe you have a nickname you’re not so fond of and wish you had a different one. If you’re stumped coming up with a good nickname, our nickname finder tool can help create nicknames based on your actual name!

Our free nickname finder is a browser-based tool, which means you don’t need to download anything to use it. Just follow the instructions below to get started!

Get started with this free nickname finder

Before the system can make you a nickname, it needs a starting point. In this case, the starting point is your first name (or the first name of someone you know). Enter the name for which you want a nickname into the text box. Just know that the name needs to be fewer than 20 characters in length and can’t have any punctuation or spaces.

Once you’ve entered the first name, tap GENERATE. You should instantly see anywhere from one to hundreds of nicknames created. Generally, names with more letters get more nickname options, but every name should at least get one.

If you have hundreds of options, hit the NEXT button at the bottom of the list to scroll through them. As you scroll, mark any nicknames that strike your fancy with the HEART button. This saves that name as a favorite for you to access later.

When you feel like you’ve saved enough nicknames, hit the SAVED button. You’ll find this at the top of the page — it’s shaped like a heart and right next to the menu button if you’re on a smartphone.

Inside the SAVED section, you’ll see all your saved names. You’ll also see a DOWNLOAD button. Tap this to save your list as a text file. The DELETE ALL button, as you might have guessed, erases your lists and starts you over from scratch.