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Discover the perfect name for your band. Enter your keyword and our algorithm will provide unique and creative band names instantly.

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Are you starting a band? Coming up with a band name can be difficult, especially if there are multiple people in the group. Getting everyone to agree on one name might be a huge task!

But don’t worry: our Band Name Generator is here to take some of the workload. This tool uses a supplied keyword to create thousands of possible band names. This free service will allow you to create a list of possible names so you can select the best one and get back to what you really want to be doing: making music!

Band Name Generator: How does this work?

To get started crafting the perfect band name, you’ll need to first supply our server with a keyword. This could be anything: your first or last name, the name of your city, the style of music you play, your favorite color, etc. The only limits are that the keyword must be fewer than 20 characters in length and cannot contain spaces or punctuation.

Once you’ve entered your keyword, hit the GENERATE button. In only a second, you’ll have two dozen band names that incorporate your keyword. If you spot one you love within these results, hit the COPY button and send it off to the rest of the group for approval!

If you’d rather give the group a small list of choices, we can help you there. Hit the HEART button next to a name you think might work. Then, hit the GENERATE MORE button to create another 24 possible names. Feel free to favorite one or more of these and repeat the process until you have a healthy list of choices. You can hit the GENERATE MORE button as much as it takes, as there are no limits to the usage of this tool.

To see your list as it stands, hit the SAVED button at the top of the page (right next to the menu). Once there, you’ll see all the choices you’ve set aside so far. You can then hit the DOWNLOAD button to save the list as a text file. Conversely, if you decide this keyword isn’t working for you, you can hit DELETE ALL and start over again with a new term.