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Get inspired with our Alien Name Generator. Easily create unique, inventive names for your intergalactic characters.

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Getting the perfect name for your alien character in a book, game or movie can be a mind-boggling affair. It needs to sound extraterrestrial, yet catchy enough to remember. To aid in this process, we have our Alien Name Generator!

This ingenious system draws from an expansive pool of names that resonate with an otherworldly vibe. All you have to do is to utilize this tool and find an alien name that perfectly aligns with your character or concept. Don't worry about the price tag - it's absolutely free! No downloads or installations are necessary, just dive in and enjoy the process!

Using the Alien Name Generator

Navigating this tool is a walk in the park. Upon accessing the page, you'll find a ready-to-use list of 24 alien names. If you find a name that piques your interest, simply click the COPY button, and you're free to paste it wherever you want.

However, if the pre-generated names don't quite hit the mark, fret not! We have thousands upon thousands of names at your disposal. Just hit the GENERATE MORE button, and the list refreshes with an entirely new set of 24 names.

Found a name that sparks joy? Make sure to favorite it by clicking the HEART button next to the name. This action saves the chosen name in a dynamic list that you can revisit anytime. Keep generating and favoriting as many names as you wish.

Once you're satisfied with your collection, click the SAVED button at the top of the page. If you're on a mobile device, look for the heart icon next to the menu icon. Tapping this opens your saved list, which you can easily download by clicking the DOWNLOAD button.

Ready to embark on a new intergalactic naming quest? Click the DELETE ALL button to clear your list and embark on a fresh journey of alien name discovery!