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Explore mythical and captivating dragon names generated designed for storytellers, gamers and fantasy lovers. Dive in and make your epic tales come alive.

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Are you crafting an epic fantasy tale, hosting a medieval-themed event, or launching an imaginative online game? Do you need to name a dragon but just can't quite find the right inspiration? Then you absolutely need our Dragon Name Generator!

This is a fantastic tool if you're in need of a mythical and awe-inspiring name for your scaly, fire-breathing character. Writing a gripping novel, organizing a LARP event, or planning a D&D campaign? Naming your dragon can add an extra layer of thrill and wonder to your project.

No need for concern: this service is absolutely free, and there's no requirement to credit us when using the names. Simply choose what you fancy and let your creative juices flow!

How the Dragon Name Generator works

If you glance above, you'll see we've already equipped you with 24 dragon names. We've found that a good number of users are satisfied with one of these 24. If that's the case for you, simply copy the one that strikes your fancy (tap the two overlapping squares) and paste it somewhere you'll be able to refer back to it!

There are those among us who aren't completely sold on the first 24 options we offer, which is completely understandable. In those instances, you should click the GET MORE button to conjure another 24 suggestions. Feel free to bash that GET MORE button as much as you require, as this tool has no usage limit.

While perusing, be sure to earmark some of the names as favorites so you can refer back to them later. To do this, tap the HEART button next to a name. This will save it to a list.

When you've done enough browsing, you should download your list. First, hit the SAVED button at the top of the page (if you're using a phone or tablet, it's the heart icon right next to the menu icon). Once your list is visible, hit the DOWNLOAD button to produce a text file brimming with your possible names.

If you feel the need to start afresh, simply hit the DELETE ALL button. Now your list is a clean slate once again, ready to be populated with new, dragon-inspired ideas!