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Use our Country Name Generator tool, crafted by learning real-world country names, to invent your ideal fictional world.

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Novelists, screenwriters, and game developers are all creating worlds. Some of these worlds are entirely fictional, with made-up locations. How do they come up with those? We’re not sure, but we know for certain that the easiest way to do so is to use our Country Name Generator!

This free browser-based tool is powered by an algorithm we trained using the names of real countries around the world. We then told it to create new countries based on this info. Now, we have a repository of fictional country names that anyone can use for whatever projects they have going on. Don’t worry: these fictional countries are free for all, with no royalties or attribution required.

Generate a fictional country name

When you landed on this page, our algorithm already produced 24 different fictional country names. If you’re in a rush, you can just copy one of these and paste it wherever. We recommend using the COPY button next to the country name (it looks like two squares on top of one another).

In some cases, though, you might not like any of the first two dozen names. That’s fine, as we have many, many more to show you. Just hit the GET MORE button to see a new list of names.

You can tap GET MORE as much as you like. As you go through the list, hit the HEART button next to any of the names you think are cool. This marks that name as a favorite and saves it for later.

When you feel like you’ve favorited a good number of generated country names, hit the SAVED button at the top of the page (if you’re on a phone, look for a heart icon next to the menu). This shows you all your saved country names as well as any other names you’ve marked as a favorite from our other free tools. You can download this list by hitting the DOWNLOAD button. Conversely, you can erase your history and start over by hitting the DELETE ALL button.