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Generate mythical elfin names effortlessly. Ideal for fantasy enthusiasts, avid gamers, or creative writers in search of unique character names.

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Immersed in a world of fantasy, be it a mesmerizing novel, captivating tabletop role-playing game, or a richly immersive MMORPG? Do you have an elf character in need of a fitting name? Then it's high time you made use of our Elf Name Generator!

This is an incredible tool when you require an enchanting and lore-friendly name for your pointy-eared protagonist or side character. Writing a magical saga, or perhaps designing a new campaign for your D&D group? Giving your elf a memorable name can enhance the mystique and allure of your fantasy world.

Rest easy: this service is entirely free, and you're under no obligation to credit us when using the generated names. Simply select what resonates with you and let the magic unfold!

How the Elf Name Generator works

Look above, and you'll find we've already summoned 24 elf names for you. Many users find their perfect name among this initial offering. If you've found your ideal name, simply copy it (tap the two overlapping squares) and paste it somewhere you'll remember!

Of course, not everyone finds their perfect elf name among the first 24 options, which is perfectly okay. In such cases, you should press the GET MORE button to generate another 24 names. Feel free to hammer that GET MORE button as often as needed; this tool is limitless.

As you sift through the names, be sure to highlight your favorites for future reference. To do this, tap the HEART button next to a name, saving it to a list.

Once you've gathered enough names, you should download your list. First, click the SAVED button at the top of the page (if you're on a phone or tablet, it's the heart icon next to the menu icon). Once your list appears, hit the DOWNLOAD button to export a text file filled with your potential elf names.

If you wish to start anew, simply press the DELETE ALL button. Your list is now empty, ready to be replenished with fresh elven names!