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Need a pixie, sprite, or fairy name? Our Fairy Name Generator is here to inspire. Allow your creativity to take flight!

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Are you wandering in a world sprinkled with pixie dust, be it an enchanting story, a tabletop fantasy game, or a magical online RPG? Do you have a fairy character longing for a charming name? Then you absolutely need our Fairy Name Generator!

This tool is a boon when you're in need of a whimsical and captivating name for your fluttering sprite. Are you penning a children's tale, drafting a new campaign for your role-playing group, or designing a fantastical video game? Giving your fairy a delightful name can add an extra dash of charm to your fairyland.

Breathe easy: this service is completely free, and there's no obligation to credit us when using the generated names. Choose what tickles your fancy and let the fairy magic take over!

How the Fairy Name Generator works

Look above, and you'll notice we've already enchanted you with 24 fairy names. For many users, one of these initial options proves to be just right. If one catches your eye, simply copy it (tap the two overlapping squares) and paste it somewhere you won't forget!

Of course, not all will find their ideal fairy name within the first 24 suggestions, which is completely understandable. In such instances, you should tap the GET MORE button to generate another 24 names. Feel free to tap that GET MORE button as much as you want; the magic of this tool is boundless.

As you explore the options, be sure to bookmark some of the names as favorites for future reference. To do this, tap the HEART button next to a name, saving it to a list.

When you've gathered enough names, it's time to download your list. First, click the SAVED button at the top of the page (if you're on a phone or tablet, it's the heart icon next to the menu icon). Once your list is visible, hit the DOWNLOAD button to create a text file brimming with your potential fairy names.

If you feel the need to start afresh, just hit the DELETE ALL button. Your list is then blank, ready to be filled with new, fairy-inspired names!