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Generate unique names for the towering giants of lore and fantasy with our exclusive tool.

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Do you find yourself amid the realm of giants, be it an adventurous novel, a thrilling tabletop RPG, or a captivating online game? Do you have a giant character in desperate need of a fitting name? Then, you absolutely need our Giant Name Generator!

This is an indispensable tool when you require a name that conveys the might and stature of your colossal character. Writing an epic tale, masterminding a new campaign for your RPG group, or developing a larger-than-life video game? Assigning your giant a suitable name can amplify the grandeur and excitement of your fantasy universe.

Rest assured: this service is completely free, and there's no need to credit us when using the generated names. Simply choose what fits your narrative best and let the adventures unfold!

How the Giant Name Generator works

Look above, and you'll notice we've already presented you with 24 giant names. Many users find their character's perfect moniker among these initial offerings. If you've found a name that suits your giant, just copy it (tap the two overlapping squares) and paste it somewhere you'll remember!

Of course, not everyone will find their ideal giant name among the first 24 suggestions, and that's completely okay. In such instances, you should tap the GET MORE button to generate another 24 names. Feel free to bash that GET MORE button as much as you need; this tool is limitless.

As you sift through the names, make sure to mark some of the names as favorites for future reference. To do this, tap the HEART button next to a name, which will save it to a list.

When you've gathered enough names, it's time to download your list. First, hit the SAVED button at the top of the page (if you're using a phone or tablet, it's the heart icon next to the menu icon). Once your list appears, press the DOWNLOAD button to create a text file filled with your potential giant names.

If you wish to start anew, simply press the DELETE ALL button. Your list is now empty, ready to be replenished with fresh, giant-inspired names!