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Our smartly crafted algorithm generates names that are non-existent yet meaningful. Choose your unique identity today.

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If you’re writing a book, drafting a screenplay, or programming a video game, you likely have one or more characters. If your story involves fantastical elements, you probably don’t want any of those characters to have normal names. But how do you come up with a name that sounds real but is wholly unique? The answer is to use our Fictional Name Generator!

This free tool uses an algorithm trained on real names. Using that info, the algorithm creates new, completely original names that seem real but aren’t. This assures you that the name you give your character will be fresh and apply only to them! Don’t worry about royalties or attribution for using this tool, as we don’t require any. It’s free for all!

How do you use the Fictional Name Generator?

When you first loaded this page, our free generator immediately and automatically created two dozen fictional names. Remember, these names might seem real, but they aren’t. You can use any of these names for whatever you wish.

However, some creators won’t like the first 24 names we provide, or they might need more than just 24. In those cases, hit the GET MORE button to generate another two dozen names. You can feel free to tap that button as much as you like, as there are no limits to how much you can use this service.

As you generate names, it might help to mark some of them as a favorite. Tap the HEART button next to a name to save it on a list for later. You can see your list at any time by hitting the SAVED button at the top of the page (which uses the same heart icon so you can recognize it).

Once you are viewing your list, you can grab a text file copy of it by hitting the DOWNLOAD button. If you don’t want to download it and instead want to start over with a fresh list, hit the DELETE ALL button instead.