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Are you looking for a unique last name? Maybe you’re thinking of changing your own, or maybe you’re writing a novel and need some inspiration for a character’s name. If so, you’re in the right place. Our Last Name Generator can not only give you a bunch of ideas for last names but also give you some info on the origins of that name.

This tool is completely free and works right in your browser, so you don’t need to download anything. Feel free to use it as much as you like!

Learn how to use the Last Name Generator

This page already has a list of 24 last names. Next to each last name, you’ll find the origin of that name in brackets. This could be helpful if you’re trying to find a name that fits with your own history or the history of the character you’re creating.

If you need to see more names, hit the GENERATE MORE button. This repopulates the list with new names. You can hit this button as much as necessary, as there are no limits to the usage of the tool.

If you’re looking for names that fit a specific origin, use the drop-down menu to simplify things. There are dozens of choices in there, so pick the one that fits your needs. Once you’ve done so, hit the GENERATE button, and the list will refresh with only the last names that fit the origin you selected.

As you browse, you should hit the HEART button next to any last name that catches your eye. Doing so saves it to a list you can access at any time. If you want to see what you’ve saved, hit the SAVED button at the top of the page (the heart icon next to the menu).

When you’re in the SAVED section, you can either download or delete your list. You’ll also see any of the names you’ve saved from our other tools here, so make sure you only delete the list if you mean to do so!