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Discover hundreds of unique fictional street names using our generator. Built using a database of real street names for better authenticity.


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If you’re a creative person crafting a world of some kind — be it in a book, screenplay, or video game — you’re going to need some locations. However, you might want those locations to be entirely fictional. When it comes to street names, how do you create a fictional one? There are so many out there, and you could never cross-reference them all. But you don’t need to because our Street Name Generator has already done all the work!

This generator runs on an algorithm we’ve trained with real street names. We then had it create street names that sound real but don’t actually exist anywhere. Now, you can access all these streets for free with no accreditation or royalties necessary!

Street Name Generator: How it works

Our server has already auto-created a list of street names for you above. If you’re in a rush, just grab one of these by hitting the COPY button next to that name. Then you can paste it into your draft.

Sometimes, though, the first set of names isn’t what you’re looking for. If that’s the case, just hit the GET MORE button. This will load 24 new names. You can hit the GET MORE button as much as you like!

As you browse through the names, use the HEART button next to any that you feel might work for you. This saves those names to a list you can access later.

When you’ve marked enough names, hit the SAVED button. It’s located at the top of the page — the heart-shaped icon right next to the menu.

When you’re in the SAVED section, you’ll see all the street names you’ve favorited. You can hit the DOWNLOAD button to save this list. Alternatively, you can tap the DELETE ALL button to erase the list. If you do that, you’ll be ready to start over favoriting some new items.