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Struggling to create a unique player name for your online games? Try our player name generator! Just input a word and get a multitude of options to choose from.

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When you’re playing any kind of online game, it’s always a good idea to use a fake name. After all, you don’t know who’s lurking in that lobby you’re joining and what they could figure out about you with just a name. But coming up with a fun gamer name can be hard, right? Not with our Player Name Generator!

This free tool works in your browser and delivers thousands of unique and silly fake names for you or someone you know. It’s incredibly easy to use, doesn’t require you to hand over any personal information, and has no limits on how much you can use it.

Player Name Generator: How this system works

If you just need a quick player name, you don’t have to do anything extra here. Our tool has already produced 24 unique names. Just spot the one you like the best, tap the COPY button (it looks like two overlapped squares), and then paste it wherever.

If you need more than one name or don’t like the ones we pre-populated for you, getting more advanced with the tool is necessary. First, we give you the option to incorporate a keyword of your choice. This is helpful if you know you want your name to include the word “tiger,” for example, but don’t know what else to do with it. In this case, you would enter “tiger” into the text box and then hit the GENERATE button. You don’t need to use “tiger,” though: you can use any word that has fewer than 10 characters and doesn’t have any spaces or punctuation.

Once you hit GENERATE, you’ll see a new list of names that incorporate your keyword. You can hit GENERATE MORE as many times as you wish to keep creating new names.

If you spot a name you like, mark it as a favorite using the HEART button next to it. Mark as many as you like, as there’s no limit here.

When you’re ready, download your list by first hitting the SAVED button, which is at the top of the page. In there, hit DOWNLOAD to grab a text file with all your saved names. Of course, you can also hit DELETE ALL to clear the list and start again.