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Struggling to find that perfect team name? Just input a keyword and our generator will provide numerous unique team name options.

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Are you starting a pickleball team? Or maybe you and some friends are joining together in a gaming guild? Whatever you’re doing, if you need a team name, you’re in the right place. This is where you’ll find our free Team Name Generator!

This easy-to-use service allows anyone to make thousands of potential team names for whatever purpose they desire. There’s nothing to download, and we don't require any of your sensitive information. Let’s get started!

Free Team Name Generator: It’s easy to use!

The first step to using this generator is to supply us with a keyword. You’ll want this to directly relate to your team in some way. Some good ideas for this would be the town in which you live or play, an animal or mascot associated with your team, or even your beverage of choice to celebrate a big win. Whatever the word is, just keep it under 20 characters and make sure it doesn’t have any punctuation or spaces.

With the keyword entered into the text box, tap the GENERATE button. Instantly, our server will pump out two dozen team names that incorporate your supplied keyword. The chances are high that one of these will work for you, so hit the COPY button (the one that’s two overlapping squares) and then paste it wherever.

Sometimes, the first 24 names don’t work. That’s OK! There are literally thousands more to check out. Hit the GENERATE MORE button to see another two dozen names. Feel free to tap that button as much as you need, as there are no limits to the usage of this tool.

While you’re browsing the options, hit the HEART button next to a name to mark it as a favorite. You can see your list of favorites by hitting the SAVED button at the top of the page (it’s right next to the menu). Save your list as a text file by hitting the DOWNLOAD button or erase the list by hitting the DELETE ALL button and start the process over again.