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Explore an array of creative usernames with our generator. Input your preferred word below, and select from the generated suggestions.

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Are you a gamer? Coming up with a unique username for your gaming sessions is integral. You want to use the same handle on all platforms, so you want it to be unique. You also want it to be memorable and apply to your style of gaming. If coming up with a good username is proving difficult, we highly suggest using our free Username Generator!

This browser-based tool can create thousands of fresh usernames from which you can choose. You can also customize the username to better reflect your personality. Let’s dive into how it works!

Tips on using this free Username Generator

When you first loaded this page, we auto-generated 24 new usernames. You could use one of these if you want, but we would recommend trying out the full extent of this free tool before making any decisions.

First, enter a keyword into the text box. This could be anything you like: your favorite game, your favorite color, the type of characters you usually play in games, etc. Just keep the keyword under 20 characters in length and remove any spaces or punctuation. Once you’ve got it all entered, hit the GENERATE button.

Now, the list of potential usernames will incorporate this keyword, making it much more unique to you!

Take your time to browse through all the options. Hit the GENERATE MORE button if you need more choices. As you go, mark usernames you like as a favorite by using the HEART button next to that name. This saves the username to a list for later.

When you feel like you’ve seen enough names, hit the SAVED button. You’ll find it at the top of the page, right next to the menu button. This brings up all the usernames you’ve favorited. You can hit the DOWNLOAD button to save a text file with this list or hit DELETE ALL if you want to start over again.